Team Building

One of the invaluable results of a Minnesuing stay is this: your team will leave a much Building closer-knit bunch than when it arrived. Sometimes this happens naturally, and some times it’s helped along by our unique team-building activities.

Let The Games Begin

Everyone loves getting together around the games. Many have dreamed of going, or even participating.  Whether it is winter or summer, making dreams come true, or having fun trying, Minnesuing Olympic events are a winning proposition no matter how you are involved.

You Can't Miss

There’s no better way to build camaraderie, improve communication, and have a ton of fun, than participating in one of our uniquely Minnesuing team building activities. Get in on the game and call us now!


"Your staff did an amazing job and frankly exceeded expectations on all fronts. We particularly enjoyed the recreation activities and the dinners were better than we've ever had as a group in the twin cities. Your facility is super conducive to team building and your staff was incredible. We will be back!"

— Jon Nudi, President, Snacks Division, General Mills