Hear the Sound of Silence.

Although you’ll never find a more secluded, relaxing, tranquil place on earth, our guests can’t stop talking about our lodge. The following sentiments speak volumes.

"Our most important client conference. One that we have been holding for 14 consecutive years now, we have here at Minnesuing Acres. We have the choice of holding it in Europe, Asia, Latin America or anywhere else. The fact of the matter is though, for what we want to accomplish, which is to have the best possible conversations, the best possible relationships, and the best possible outcomes. We have yet to find a place that rivals this lodge."

—Alan Nelson, CRA, Inc.

"I always look forward to our retreats at Minnesuing Acres. Each employee goes above and beyond, doing their part to make me feel at home, and, performing their jobs exceptionally. But what impresses me most, is the time and care that General Manager Jim Polinsky takes to make sure his organization is working correctly. He does this by walking around, participating in all phases of the guest visit, and by personally greeting and listening to each guest. Serving their every need. Minnesuing Acres is a huge business, and this is a huge investment of time and effort on Jim's part. Although every Minnesuing acres team member is important, and it shows. Jim is they key cog in Minnesuing Acres success."

—Ron Morse, Co-op Pharmacy

"Dear Jim and Staff. As per usual, you and your staff never stop amazing me."

—Joy Wadas, Manager, Northern Lakes Feed Mill

"To the amazing staff at Minnesuing Acres. Our Minnesuing Acres experience this year was again exceptional! Your customer Service in particular was superb. You really know how to make your guests feel welcome and important. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. We look forward to coming back next year."

—Brenda Leonard

"Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our retreat at Minnesuing Acres. The staff is truly exceptional, and the food is always great!"

—Bruce Ostrom, Manager, NLC Auto Center

"It is refreshing to see your staff work so wonderfully together, in hosting a group whose objective is building team bonds and strengthening customer service. From the fun we had during our team building exercise, to seeing the smiles on the faces of the maintenance staff while working as we left the facility. We truly appreciate the subtle but meaningful details the Minnesuing staff provide, to make our Manager's Retreat a success. My compliments to the Chef as well. A delicious meal was prepared to suit our group, with every course being amazingly prepared. Thank you not only for a wonderful stay, but for inspiring us as well!"

—Mollie Coddington, Marketing Coordinator, Northern Lakes Coperative

"Our recent visit to Minnesuing Acres felt delightfully familiar. It was warm, welcoming, and comfortable, like somewhere we were meant to be. The staff is consistently tremendous, whether a familiar face, or someone new. Their positive attitudes and willingness to oblige us is top shelf, and makes me wonder if anything is impossible! Between the crazy, extravagant meals. The little nibbles set out here and there. The simple courtesies to the grand. They set a very high bar for others in the Hospitality industry to clear. Most importantly though, the Minnesuing staff is a cohesive unit whose collective spirit truly enhances our experience each time we stay. The result? Our purpose and productivity is elevated to another level. For that, I am truly appreciative! I am thankful for Jim and his team, who receive and treat us as royalty each time we visit! "

—Maura Harrington, Store Manager

"The staff at Minnesuing is always amazing. They are exceptional! Everything from the fantastic food, to the cleanliness of the entire facility is remarkable. The staff truly works hard at each of their responsibilities. The grounds, rooms, lodge, kitchen, even the roofs are well kept and clean. All of this aside, they are kind, courteous and willing to help any way they can. Truly a refreshing group of individuals. Maybe Jim would let us pick a few for our work force!!"


"Again, another spectacular stay at the Lodge! My team wanted to extend their appreciation as well, so I have forwarded their emails expressing their gratitude. Please share them with your staff. they certainly deserve the recognition. Our retreat was a huge success, and I truly believe it's because of the place and people that we were surrounded by. Thanks again. Oh, and the Oysters were killer!"

—Mike C.

"Thank you to Jim and his team for showing real Yes I Can! hospitality and to the facilitators for passing their knowledge to us."

—Beathe-Jeanette Lunde, Carlson

"Your staff did an amazing job and frankly exceeded expectations on all fronts. We particularly enjoyed the recreation activities and the dinners were better than we've ever had as a group in the twin cities. Your facility is super conducive to team building and your staff was incredible. We will be back!"

—Jon Nudi, President, Snacks Division, General Mills

"The lodge, rooms and grounds are beautiful and unique. The conference room and equipment are first-class. Let's not forget the food, the service and the fact that we had the lodge to ourselves!"

—Carol Lasky, Eventis Telecom

"We wanted to thank you for a wonderful couple of days. The lodge is a very special place. It is not just the facilities (which are awesome and exquisitely maintained), but you and your team. The incredible attention to detail, effort, and friendliness is unmatched! Our team had a great couple of days. We learned a lot about what we can do better, bonded, and laughed. Memories that will last for a long time."

—John Flottmeier, Tonkawa

"Thank you for another successful planning weekend. As always, we've come to expect the best and you folks keep outdoing yourselves."

—Guy Jarvi, Chirocare

"It was wonderful to see the property and learn the history of it. Your staff was remarkable! I have not experienced that type of service in a very long time. I want to commend your team for your commitment to excellence, as I find this level of service to be very rare."

—Dawn Milbrath, Cellular One

"My staff and I had a very enjoyable time. We were treated like royalty! I was so impressed by your people. They certainly understand quality customer service."

—Barb Chaffee, MMI

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the accommodations and the breathtaking setting. It was a perfect winter wonderland with the fresh snow! Your staff did an outstanding job with the decorations and service, and the food was delicious. Everything was beautifully presented. I look forward to working with you again."

—Sara Pedersen, Cellular One

"What a wonderful property and surroundings! Your staff was so welcoming and attentive. It was a marvelous venue. I can see why the Cargill groups return to Minnesuing!"

—Jean Babler, Cargill

"The home-cooked meals were wonderful and the meeting facilities were excellent. Even though we were 'up in the north woods,' we were still connected through our cell phones and high-speed Internet. We also enjoyed viewing the charming guest rooms, to see the different antiques and décor. We loved the property and look forward to future meetings!"

—Peg Tschida, Business Events Manager, Land O’Lakes

"Thank you for all that you and your staff did to make our summer offsite a successful and memorable one. Your assistance and hands-on involvement with the planning process and the event itself was particularly helpful. It was another great year at Minnesuing, so please pass along our appreciation!"

—W. Jason Ward, Cargill

"Thank you for a wonderful week at Minnesuing Acres! I enjoyed all the personal touches you added to our stay, and I look forward to visiting again. It was nice to be able to focus on what was important for the week, and feel pampered at the same time."

—David Jaffe, Maurices

"We wanted to convene someplace far removed from the day-to-day, with spectacular hospitality and no hassles; a place that would foster the cultivation of relationships. In a word...Minnesuing. And did you ever deliver!"

—Alan Nelson, CRA Inc.

"Our team has always enjoyed its stays at Minnesuing Acres, and I would like to compliment you on the excellent staff you have assembled. It is truly a professional, competent and most delightful group of people."

—John Jensen, Jensen Associates

"Jim and his team were exemplars of what one of our members called 'old-fashioned hospitality…the way things used to be done when things were done right.' I'm pleased to report that our members voted overwhelmingly to return to Minnesuing next year."

—Alan Nelson, CRA Inc.

"We had a wonderful time thanks mostly to you and your team and the wonderful hospitality you extended us. We have never enjoyed such service and wonderful amenities. Thanks to the entire Minnesuing team for making our stay both productive and fun!"

—Tina Mckenna, President, DecoPac, Inc.

"What a place! It was a spectacular family gathering - six days of fun for 43 people - ages 3 to 82."

—Steve Leuthold, Leuthhold Weeden Capital Management

"We are looking forward to coming back to Minnesuing, where we know we'll be well taken care of at the lodge. Somehow, it's always like coming home for me!"

—Meg Sworsky, Maurices

"Our team has always enjoyed its stays at Minnesuing Acres, and I would like to compliment you on the excellent staff you have assembled. It is truly a professional, competent and most delightful group of people."
— John Jensen, Jensen Associates
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